Storage Concepts – Anytime Fitness

We are pleased to spotlight our conractor project with Storage Concepts, where we had the opportunity to work on multiple Anytime Fitness gym sites. This project allowed us to apply our flooring expertise to the unique demands of a fitness environment, ensuring durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

Project Overview:

The scope of this ambitious project involved multiple Anytime Fitness locations, each requiring specialized flooring solutions tailored to a fitness setting. Our role was to provide flooring that could withstand heavy foot traffic, fitness equipment, and the dynamic activities that take place in a gym, all while maintaining an inviting and modern atmosphere. Collaborating closely with Storage Concepts, we devised a comprehensive flooring strategy to meet these challenges.

Execution and Installation:

Our team of flooring professionals meticulously carried out the installation across the various gym sites. Given the specific needs of a gym – from weightlifting areas to cardio zones – we selected materials that offered both resilience and aesthetic appeal. The installations were coordinated to minimize disruption to the gyms’ operational hours, ensuring a smooth transition to the new flooring.

The Result:

The final outcome is a series of gym floors that are not just functional but also visually appealing. The chosen materials not only withstand the rigors of daily gym activities but also contribute to creating an energizing and motivating environment for gym-goers.

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