Ambiance Beauty Shop

We are proud to showcase one of our recent successful projects, the Ambiance Beauty Shop, where we served as the flooring contractor for PrePen Developments. This commercial space underwent a comprehensive flooring transformation that involved more than just an installation; it was a complete revitalization of the shop’s aesthetic and functional elements.

Project Overview:

The project commenced with an initial strip-out of the existing flooring to make way for an updated look. After a detailed assessment and consultation with the client, we settled on Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) as the material of choice. Known for its durability and elegance, LVT was the perfect fit for a beauty shop that demanded both style and resilience.

Execution and Installation:

Our team of skilled floor layers took over from there, meticulously installing the new LVT flooring with precision and care. From planning the layout to ensuring a smooth finish, every step was executed to the highest standard. The installation process was conducted with minimal disruption to the shop’s operations, thanks to our team’s efficiency and expertise.

The Result:

The result is a stunning, durable floor that not only meets but exceeds Ambiance Beauty Shop’s expectations. The new LVT flooring has breathed new life into the commercial space, providing a contemporary and inviting environment for both staff and customers.

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